How Chapa Dimba's Laiser Hill Train during The COVID-19 Isolation

How Chapa Dimba's Laiser Hill Train during The COVID-19 Isolation

Laiser Hill Coach Anderson Sango speaks to us on how his team is catching up with training during these COVID -19 Lockdown period .

Rift Valley Chapa Dimba Champions Laiser Hill

Across the world, all sporting activities have been halted  as health experts and nations rush to contain the rapidly spreading Corona Virus  Pandemic that has so far claimed the lives of over 150,000 lives globally.

The Virus , which started in the Wuhan City of China has forced a compulsory global shut down for the past two months with Kenya announcing strict guidelines in a bid to curb the spread of the deadly virus.

The pandemic has seen postponement of world sporting events including the Olympic Games that will now be held in 2021. Among the affected sports events in Kenya is the Chapa Dimba Na Safaricom Grassroots Youth soccer Championships that has now been indefinitely postponed until further notice.

The Chapa Dimba tournament aims to transform the lives of young people by giving them a platform to showcase their talent and an opportunity to earn from their passion. At the end of the tournament,  an All-Star team comprising of 16 girls and 16 boys will be selected to attend a 10-day training camp in Spain during which they will play friendly matches against top Spanish La Liga Football Academies.

By the time of postponement, six regional finals had been played  with Rift Valley's Laiser Hill among the boys teams in line for the national crown. Laiser Hill won the boys Rift Valley finals on March 8th with a 4-2 post-match penalties win over Kapenguria Heroes.

We caught up with the Laiser Hill Coach Anderson Sango to find out how his team is catching up with training during these COVID -19 Isolation period .

Hello Coach How are you and the players coping during these lockdown season. Are you and all your players and coaching staff, safe and healthy?

Coach Sango: "These are unique times for the world and we are all forced into quarantine as we hope for a return to normal soon. Yes, all the players and coaching staff are safe and we keep in touch everyday."

Are there any activities they can do on their own that will benefit the team once normal training resumes?

Coach Sango: "Ooh Yes, since the government announced strict  social distancing procedures and a ban to public gatherings , we have designed a stay fit program for our players who have to train on their own.

Because every player now has a phone courtesy of Safaricom, I  record videos of daily work out routines then send to them. They also have to confirm their daily sessions by sending me a workout video at a specific time of the day. In addition, I also download and send them some exciting workouts from the internet and So far, I am glad this is working as everyone has been very disciplined and committed to the fitness sessions.

We also hold our daily meetings through whatsApp forums and this has been very interesting."

This is an unprecedented time, how are you uplifting them to participate in other activities?

Coach Sango: "With school's closed and very minimal social activities, we are encouraging them to find new hobbies they can manage without endangering themselves through unnecessary social exposure. Most of them are thrilled  to have had enough time to spend with their families."

How has it been like taking part in Chapa Dimba Na Safaricom season 3?

Coach Sango: "Honestly this has been an awesome year for us.  It is our first year to qualify for the Chapa Dimba National finals. Last season was painful; we were eliminated at the qualifying stages because of goal difference compared to Al Ahly who qualified ahead of us.Al Ahly went ahead and qualified for the national finals.We returned better prepared and we are glad it worked out for us."

So far, Berlin FC (North Eastern), Ulinzi Youth (Central), Yanga FC(Coast), Tumaini School (Eastern) and Dagoretti Mixed (Nairobi) have qualified for the National Finals. Which team among them do you perceiveto give your boys the biggest challenge?

Coach Sango: "We respect all our opponents  because we believe everyone who has made it to the nationals worked hard to be there. Looking at the lineup it will surely be a tough and explosive but exciting battle and that is why our boys remain motivated to keep working  hard.But we believe in ourselves and the boys are determined to go the extra mile"

Any economic activities you are engaging in at this time?

Coach Sango: "Unfortunately none, I am a full time coach at Laiser Hill  and with the current situation across the country it is better to remain safe by staying home. Hard times indeed but I hope we can soon resume because the boys are extremely excited and looking forward to the national finals."

Any closing remarks?

Coach Sango: "Just to encourage everyone to remain positive and any other sports person out there to keep fit wherever they are. Such tough times call for a lot of self discipline both in training and ensuring we adhere to the government directives because we all want to combat this virus with a positive attitude."

Thank you Coach and have a lovely time, Stay safe.

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