Kisii United too broke to honor even home matches

Kisii United too broke to honor even home matches

Kisii United too broke to honor even home matches

Financial crisis and lack of sponsorship may just lock out Kisii United from taking part in the 2013 Football Kenya Federation (FKF) women Premier League.

 The team that finished fourth in the 2012 season is yet to kick the ball in the new season with a number of teams already played over five matches each.

As head coach Henry Nyaberi revealed, the ladies have been training hard ever since the conclusion of last season but their hopes of taking part in the premier league are fast dwindling.

“It will be pure pretence to say we shall be taking part in the league without finances. Playing in the league has financial implications. Without sponsorship we can as well kiss the league goodbye.” He opened up.

 “We are in such precarious situation in that we can’t even honor home matches leave alone away matches. Even in home matches, players need allowances which we can’t give. Then we have away matches whereby we need to travel to as far as Mombasa which calls for over Ksh 200,000 on the lower side to travel and play matches.” He continued.

The coach said ever since league sponsors Unicef pulled out from supporting the league at the end of last season, things have not been rosy in the women league.

“Let’s face it, the teams which are pretending to play are not comfortable even a bit. Nobody can lie that you can play in the league without funds.” He went ahead.

 Kisii United has been in existence for over 12 years.

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