Virgin Atlantic joins to Support Sadili Oval Tennis camp

Virgin Atlantic joins to Support Sadili Oval Tennis camp

Virgin Atlantic joins to Support Sadili Oval Tennis camp

The annual virgin Atlantic tennis camp opened its doors on Tuesday and will run up to Friday 20th April with close to 80 participants expected to attend the camp.This will be followed by an 8-series tournament that will be played on Saturday 21st April at the Sadili Oval Academy.

The partnership between Virgin Atlantic and Sadili Oval Tennis academy now on its fourth year aims at exposing new talent and beginning the process of developing new players in junior tennis and basketball.

Four years ago Virgin Atlantic launched a programme titled, “emerging player tour”, which sponsors eight new talents and a coach from humble backgrounds to get exposure and compete with the best in UK. The sponsorship includes plane tickets from Nairobi to London and back costing kshs.1.9 million. This year 15 budding Tennis talents will get the chance to attend the training.

Virgin Atlantic Public Relations executive Evelyn Wanjiru while speaking during the launch said that, “Virgin is keen and will continue supporting children with talents but from poor backgrounds.”

“The Tennis camp and tour are some of the ways Virgin is giving back to the community, and there is no better way of nurturing upcoming talents and therefore empowering the future of the country,” said Mrs Wanjiru

Director and head of professional, Sadili Oval academy, Dr.Elizabeth Odera thanked Virgin Atlantic for their continuous support and helping children expose their talents.

“The partnership which began four years ago has brightened the lives of many school children, especially those from underprivileged backgrounds, providing them with an opportunity to explore their talent, as well as gain access to international platforms where they can compete,” said the director.

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