Mizizi rooting for grassroot Tennis development

Mizizi rooting for grassroot Tennis development

Mizizi rooting for grassroot Tennis development

Mary Muriuki during training

Every Saturday morning Jericho grounds in Eastland’s presents a variety of sporting activities, from Leisure basketball, kids soccer to County League games.Conspicuously tagged between two Soccer fields and a basketball court are three tennis courts which play home to Mizizi Tennis, an organization that seeks to develop and nurture Tennis talent from the grass roots.

According to Mary Muriuki the founding director of Mizizi Tennis, they host close to 20 budding stars each Saturday and she sees the numbers swelling each day with growing interest. Muriuki believes that it is high time more stakeholders took time to develop the sport from the grassroot level.

 “For a long time Tennis has been stuck in Clubs. I had the privilege to participate at the Kenya Open where I discovered that had there been structures like Mizizi Tennis perhaps I would have posted even better results.” She says.

“ For any game to grow to international standards it has to be spread among all people spectrum, in short we have to involve the masses and Jericho provides such opportunities. It is sad to see potential Tennis players locked out of active tennis because their schools or residential areas do not have a tennis court. Something had to be done; someone had to do it and that is why I am here this morning.” She adds.

A Bachelor of Commerce Graduate from Catholic University and Founder of Mizizi Tennis, Mary Muriuki ‘s vision is to see Tennis spread out across the country and  produce future Tennis super stars who can equally compete with other top ranked players across the world.

Mizizi has been in existence for five years  and with the support of the Nairobi city council, they got a murram court that they use for training. Muriuki however says they plan to engage the county government to be able to advance their playing grounds to a better level.

Asked about the challenges, she said “we have to take care of the few resources we have for example a Tennis racket is not cheap, so we have to moderate on how they are used, we thank God for what we have now but we can be better.”


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