Kenya Table Tennis players back Mudibo for chairman

Kenya Table Tennis players back Mudibo for chairman

Kenya Table Tennis players back Mudibo for chairman

The Kenya Table Tennis Association (KTTA) aspiring chairman Andrew Mudibo has received a major boost after Kenyan international players announced their support for the Mudibo led team ahead of the national elections.

The KTTA elections will be held starting 25th of January with branch elections and will culminate with national elections on the 8th of February 2014.

Speaking in Nairobi last weekend, the Kenyan internationals   said they have faith in the current team of officials who have seen tremendous improvements in the sport. They said, “We believe that the current officials have a development plan, which has been effected over the years quite well and with results that can be seen by everyone.” They said in a uniform statement.

“Over a period of time as National Team players, we have seen the current office led by Mrs. Jane Pinto and Andrew Mudibo together with the other officials work hard to take the sport to the next level.”

“As senior players, we have been with and worked with the people who want to seek positions and we already know who the workers and movers of the sport are.

“Under the current team of Mrs. Jane Pinto and Andrew Mudibo and the other officials within the current KTTA, the National Team selection has always been above board and has always been based on merit.”

“We have seen, local tournaments being played in all parts of the Country after equipment was distributed up to the grassroots.”

“We have seen the National Team representation in International Tournaments annually, a thing that never existed in the past and if the National team was to travel there were no genuine trials that involved everyone who wanted to make the team and instead the team was selected in boardrooms.”

“We have seen technical courses to better the game being organized with international coaching courses taking place.”

“The National Team now has a uniform kit contract, where we are kitted properly and smartly with the best table tennis kit that one can get internationally.”

“And most importantly, we have seen officials who care for our welfare and fight for us at all times, so that we can get the best. Who says that we want to replace officials who have been fighting for us with people who will not be fighting for us. We have the record of everyone and this time round its judgment day.”

“We know as players we are supposed to be neutral but this time round we cannot remain neutral when our very existence is under threat, we must stand up and speak and be acknowledged.”

“We wish to record that we have not been influenced by anyone and that it is out of our desire to see table tennis in Kenya go to the next level and this is a journey that has already began and everyone can see the results. “

Mudibo’s team comprises of Mariga Mwangi as vice chairman, Fahd Daim as Secretary General, Paul Mulandi as assistant Secretary General, Madhu Gudka as treasurer.

Others are John Gicaci (Asst. Treasurer), Naeem Isaac (Fixtures Secretary),James Sentau (asst fixtures secretary. Committee Members are Ruth Mweni, Bila Gichangi and Mohamoud Ahmed

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