May 28, 2024

Uwanja wa Mbuzi - Kongowea Mombasa

Uwanja wa Mbuzi - Kongowea Mombasa


Name: Uwanja wa Mbuzi - Kongowea Mombasa

Capacity: 3000

Uwanja wa Mbuzi - Kongowea Mombasa facts

Uwanja wa Mbuzi
Capacity: 3,000
Location: Kongowea, Mombasa, Kenya
Built: 2017
Owned and Operated by: County Government of Mombasa and Kenya Ports Authority, Mombasa
 Surface: Astroturf

Uwanja wa Mbuzi - Kongowea Mombasa info

The County Government of Mombasa has built a modern, World Football Governing Body (FIFA) standard Football Stadium. Uwanja Wa Mbuzi Football Stadium, gets its name from its locality, Uwanja wa Mbuzi in Kongowea.

It is reported that the 3,000-capacity Stadium was built in a bid to reclaim the county’s football lost glory that was experienced in the 1960s, 70s and 80s when there were representative players in the national soccer team.

According to statements from the county government of Mombasa, the Sports Ground is said to be used during the night because of the extremely high temperatures in Mombasa during the day. The center is fitted with changing rooms, lavatories, cafeteria and sitting spaces that accommodate the 3,000 people as well as flood lights for security and the evening and night games.

The Stadium is located is located at Uwanja wa Mbuzi, opposite Kongowea Health Center and beside Badria Medical Clinic in Kongowea, in Mombasa County. Kongowea is a small region 3.4 km/2.1 mi away from the City, Mombasa. The distance from the Kenya’s Capital Nairobi is approximately 442 km/ 275 mi.