July 18, 2024

Sudi Stadium

Sudi Stadium


Name: Sudi Stadium

Capacity: 1000

Sudi Stadium facts

  • Sudi Stadium in Bungoma County is managed and operated by Nzoia Sugar Company
  • It is home to Nzoia United, a football team in the Kenya Premier League.

Sudi Stadium info

Sudi Stadium is one of the Stadia in Kenya that hosts Kenya Premier League matches. As of January 2017, the Kenyan Premier League’s Stadia, Safety and Security Committee (SSSC) gave Sudi Stadium, which is located in Bungoma County, a green light to host low-risk matches. Bungoma is one of the 47 administrative regions in Kenya. It lies in the Western part of the country and in the Lake Victoria basin, about 400km from the Kenyan Capital, Nairobi. the region is laden with talent and contributes greatly to national selection.

The Stadium was given to Nzoia United to host their matches in the top flight, although medium to high-risk matches would be moved to Mumias Complex. The 1000-seater stadium is complete with dressing rooms an inner and outer perimeter wall and a well well-laid grass surface.

Sudi Stadium is Located in Kanduyi Sub County, Kanduyi Constituency, Bukembe West Ward, and situated within the expansive Nzoia Sugar Company Sugar Plantations commonly referred to as Nuclear by the locals. Before moving their matches to Sudi Stadium Nzoia FC hosted their matches at then Kanduyi Stadium now renamed Masinde Muliro Stadium which is undergoing a renovation that will see it have a 20,000 sitting capacity making it one of the biggest Stadiums in western Kenya.

Sudi Stadium is Approximately 14km from Bungoma town, 50km to Malaba, 16 km from Webuye Town, and 60km from Kakamega. The team draws the majority of its support from neighboring Ekitale, Bukembe, Matisi, Bungoma town, Sangalo, Webuye, Misikhu, Kimilili Chwele Market among other regions.

Visiting teams have several accommodation options that include but are not limited to Hunters Paradise Lodge, Siritamu Resort, Bungoma Tourist Hotel, Jadelica Hotel, and Kikao Recreational Resort among others.

The Name Sudi is derived from a Bukusu  The late Paramount Chief Sudi Namachanja who died at the age of 95 years after ruling for 48 years. Sudi married 117 wives and sired 173 children Chief who Ruled the Sourthen part of Bungoma.