May 28, 2024

Nakuru Athletic Club

Nakuru Athletic Club


Name: Nakuru Athletic Club

Capacity: 2000

Nakuru Athletic Club facts

Full Name: Nakuru Athletic Club
Capacity: 2,000
Location: Oginga Odinga Avenue, Nakuru, Kenya
Clubs: Nakuru All Stars, Nakuru RFC
Owned and Operated by:
Surface: Grass


Nakuru Athletic Club info

Nakuru Athletic Club is one of the Oldest Sports Clubs in Kenya that existed under the colonial regime. Indigenous Kenyans would not be allowed to use the facility then, so they would use The African Sports Stadium now referred to as Afraha Stadium. The Nakuru Athletic Club is located in one of the major cities Kenya known as Nakuru, a capital of Rift Valley Province, 85 miles from Nairobi.

It is a members-only club that provides various facilities for various games including soccer, squash, rugby, table Tennis, hockey and Cricket

The Club has a cricket team and has hosted High Profile Cricket games. One notable cricket game was one that featured Rift Valley Cricket Association XI versus Minor Counties of England. It is also a host home ground for a renowned rugby union team in the region, Nakuru RFC and a team in field hockey playing in the National Elite Hockey League.

The 2000-capacity Stadium also plays host to the Nationwide Division side, Nakuru AllStars, the regions soccer team who have their training sessions here.