Nakuru town is the fourth largest urban town in Kenya and the provincial headquarter of Rift Valley province.  It lies at about 1850 feet above sea level and enjoys fair temperatures throughout the year.  Being a major transportation hub for the country, Nakuru is quite accessible thanks to an excellent road network and an airstrip for charter planes. The population in Nakuru is made up of several tribes and visitors can easily blend in and enjoy the cultural diversity.  Tourism in Nakuru plays an important role in its economy among other revenue generators such as education hubs and agriculture. 


Afraha stadium is found in Nakuru some minutes away from the town’s business district and two kilometers from the magnificent Lake Nakuru National Park.

This multi-use stadium was opened in 1948 and has a capacity of up to 8,200 people. The stadium is regularly used for football matches, with the famous Ulinzi stars and Nakuru All Stars using the Afraha Stadium as their home stadium. The Ulinzi stars are among the top teams playing in the Kenya premier league.  Aside from holding sports events, Afraha stadium has continually been used to host many prominent political gatherings, crusades and concerts. 

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