Oliech ships in his Porsche Cayene ride

Oliech ships in his Porsche Cayene ride

Oliech ships in his Porsche Cayene ride

Adding to his fleet of lavish cars that includes a posh Chrysler, Kenyan international footballer Dennis Oliech has shipped in his favorite Porsche Cayene ride from France.Oliech has been spotted cruising in the lavish super white wheels around town with rumors suggesting the soccer star shipped the Porsche in for holiday but he will be taking it back to France when the season begins.

The Porsche Cayenne is an SUV for those who would rather be driving a sports car. It's a luxurious, sexy and powerful alternative to a minivan or the ho-hum SUVs that make up the luxury midsize pack -- and now there’s even a hybrid model for drivers concerned about fuel economy or the environment.

Think the Cayenne is too good to be true? For some, it is. Unless you're rolling in money, the Cayenne's steep sticker price is quite a wake-up call. It costs slightly over 10 million shillings but it can skyrocket depending on trim (and if you opt for the super-powerful Turbo model, that’s even before you add options).

Oliech's lifestyle will for sure inspire budding soccer stars who would one day love to emulate him.The fact that sports is a career that can make a person as rich as the guys sitting in the board rooms is no longer in doubt.

With MacDonald Mariga cruising in a Hummer,a new breed of millionaires in Kenya is slowly emerging.His brother Victor Mugabe move to Celtic is expected to also raise Kenya's soccer profile  and also result in another millionaire.Add Genk forward Ayub Timbe,Jamal Mohamed,James Situma,Patrick Osiako,Patrick Oboya,Johanna Omollo etc to the potential millionaires list  and soon the politicians will no longer be a the only attraction on the highways.

Interesting times for Kenyan football indeed.

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