Mureta Seeking to carry Kenya’s beacon in the sprinting world

Mureta Seeking to carry Kenya’s beacon in the sprinting world

Mureta Seeking to carry Kenya’s beacon in the sprinting world

He grew up just like any standard child but his involvement in sport is what made him special. Anderson Mureta an upcoming Kenyan sprinter gives credit to his sporting abilities for who he is today.

He was born back in 1987 in Chuka district, Meru County and attended Kiang’ondu and Wise Dove primary schools where he completed his primary education. Just like other boys, he tried his skills on soccer and a bit of long jump.

As he proceeded to high school so did his talents grow with him and it was during routine rugby practice sessions that showcased his sprinting talent. His teacher Mr. Rachi noticed his ability and introduced him to short distance races.

“I have Mr.Rachi to thank for my progress today. Not even I knew the talent in me but he had faith in my ability and look at me now,” he explains heartily.

From then on, Mureta shifted his energy from rugby, long jump, decathlon and other sporting activities and decided to settle on sprinting. He competed in the 100m and 200m races during his school’s inter-houses competitions and declared his dominance.

Not only was he a threat in the fields but also in his academic performances. Mureta sat for his KSCE papers in 2007 and achieved a strong grade A-, perfect enough to complement his sporting ability. Unfortunately his joy was short-lived. His father wanted him to try his hands in the army.

“You know how it is in the Eastern part of the country. Most parents value one serving the army much more than pursuing their education further. So instead of furthering my education I relocated to Nairobi in search of a way to venture into the army,” explains Mureta.

On arrival to the capital city, Mureta met Provincial Police Officer  Kosgei who after seeing his skill opted to try the youngster’s potential and soon Mureta was training with the Embu police team. This was just but the beginning of his success. His exceedingly good performance in the regional competitions impressed Paul Ereng a Texas (USA) head coach.

Despite the norm of Kenyans performing better in the middle and long distance races, Ereng opted to take a risk with Mureta and spearheaded his process in signing a scholarship to further his studies in the USA.

“Ereng must have seen how good I am and decided not to let me wither.”

Mureta  relocated to USA in 2008 where he has been to date. During his stay, Mureta has managed to attain a degree in Nursing and is currently undertaking masters in the same.

Mureta came into the limelight after he together with his team mates Julius Kirwa, Commonwealth 400m gold medalist Mark Mutai (Armed Forces), Vincent Kosgei and Jonathan Kibet both of Armed Forces combined forces to win the gold in the 4*400m relay in the African senior athletics championships in 2010 and later proved their ability by taking up the silver medal in the same race during the 2010 commonwealth championships in New Delhi.

His skill has so far improved. In the 100m race, the youngster has recorded a personal best of 10.45secs and 20.04secs in the 200m race. He also has an impressive personal record of 45.22 in the 400m, 0.6 secs more than world fastest man Usain Bolt who has set a personal best of 45.28sec.

He is now focused to perform better in the upcoming 2011 IAAF world championships in Daegu before heading to Maputo, Mozambique for the all African games later in September.

“So far I have registered a personal best of 45:22 seconds and I believe I have the potential to push for gold medal in Daegu,” adds Mureta.

Could we be looking at the next 400m world record holder? One who would break Michael Johnson’s 43:18 sec record which was set in 1997? Not even LaShawn Merrit (43:75) or Jeremy warriner (43:39), the current 400m champions have managed to break this record.

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