December 06, 2023

Kids benefit from Michezo Afrika, Baylor program

Kids benefit from Michezo Afrika, Baylor program
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Kids benefit from Michezo Afrika, Baylor program

The Michezo Afrika Foundation in partnership with the visiting Baylor University sports team on Thursday afternoon rewarded excellent performers and some of the budding soccer stars from the Cheza Africa team based at Nairobi’s Mukuru Slums.

The ceremony was held at the International Christian Center (ICC) in Nairobi and was attended by over 70 budding players from the programme, community coaches, parents and the visiting Baylor team.

In partnership with Michezo Afrika Foundation, Baylor University has been donating sports equipment that have been distributed to different teams across the country. The programme also seeks to raise funds to support some of the kids in the programme attain decent education through scholarships.

During the ceremony, some of the students who have shown great improvement on and off the field received school uniforms, soccer playing boots and sports shoes while parents also received some of the donated equipment.

More than 600 children who are talented in sports, academics and their morals are up to standard in the society have benefitted from the program since 2009.

Some of the kids that have benefitted from the initiative include Bramwel Wahia, Joseph Okumu and Levi Munguti. They each have a story of how the program has changed their lives;

Bramwel Wahia

Bramwel a 14-year-old from St. Catherine primary school says the program has benefited his life to a greater extend. Apart from physical exercise Bramuel has received a pair of school uniform and playing boots which he says will make him improve on his career.

“I am happy with this whole program sponsored by Michezo Afrika and am sure of getting to greater heights both in academics and my career of playing football”. He said

“I just call upon my age mates who are outside there and they are interested in sports and education to come join our team so that they can achieve what they desire in life.” Bramwel added.

Joseph Okumu

The 15-year- old also plays for Cheza, a team sponsored by Michezo Afrika. Joseph who plays as a striker dreams of playing for Manchester United in the international football scene and locally he wishes to play for Gor Mahia.

“I am highly appreciative of the whole program and I want to try my best and attain my goals in life. I want to excel both in sports and academics and I am certain that the program will help me attain this.”

Levi Munguti

Apart from football the program involves also basketball and one of the products is Munguti a 14 year old. Munguti joined the program 2 years ago and all along he has benefitted both spiritually and academically. He trains at the Railways Training Institute, RTI and plays for Michezo Eagles Academy.

“Am happy with this program because it has helped me know more about God and balance my education. I have I lot that am targeting and I know I will get to greater heights.

Baylor University has a team that has been in the country for a week and they will host a number of sporting clinics as part of their tour in Kenya.