April 14, 2024

Why Mobile Betting Is On The Rise In Africa

Why Mobile Betting Is On The Rise In Africa

In recent years, mobile betting has been on the rise in Africa. This is accredited to the fact that Africa has millions of fans, especially in sports.

Many African punters prefer sports betting on the go with Betway mobile, as revealed by several studies. In this article, you'll learn some of the things that have contributed to the rise of mobile betting in Africa:

Technological Advancement
The improvements in technology are one of the reasons why mobile betting is on the rise in Africa. The fact that punters don't need to travel to place a bet has made things easier. Betting companies have come up with apps that can be downloaded on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Since a majority of the population own smart devices, they can place wagers wherever they are at any given time.

Some events are streamed live, and one can watch them at the comfort of their home or anywhere.

Mobile Money
Recent studies show that most punters in Africa do not have bank accounts. They take part in mobile betting through mobile money. Mobile money has been on the rise in Africa since the year 2000. For instance, in Kenya, mobile phone service providers like Safaricom, Airtel, and Telkom have come up with mobile money services. Safaricom has Mpesa; Airtel has Airtel Money while Telkom has T-cash. These mobile service providers have partnered with betting companies like Betway across the continent; the services can also be used outside Kenya. One only has to do transactions via a mobile phone.

Some sportsbooks offer payment alternatives like Paypal, Skrill, MasterCard, and Neteller that punters can access on mobile devices.

A study done in the year 2018 revealed that sportsbooks in Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa earned 37 billion USD in the same year. A 2017 study in Kenya showed that two million punters participate in mobile betting.

High unemployment rates in African countries are a significant contributor to the rise in mobile betting. Nearly half of the population in Africa comprises youths between the ages of 15 and 35. Most of these youth are not in formal employment. One of their ways of earning a living is through mobile betting. They take part in sports betting to earn some money. Betting firms have allowed people to bet with as low as 1 USD. This enables individuals from different walks of life to take part in mobile betting. In other words, the betting firms create opportunities for them to earn a living. The youths like betting on sports. They follow events like the World cup and the Olympics. This high number of youths has made well-known betting companies from the UK, and the United States open branches in Africa.

Lenient Gambling Laws
Most territories in the world have stringent laws when it comes to gambling. Things are opposite in Africa. Gambling laws are not strict hence having lots of betting companies from foreign countries investing in Africa. South Africa and Gambia are known to have strict gambling laws. They try to prevent their citizens from being conned while gambling. The lack of laws that regulate betting has seen mobile betting rise in Africa. Betting companies like Betway have taken advantage of the lenient laws to spread their businesses across the continent.