Uganda’s Nkumba fall to Ahly in Straight Sets

Uganda’s Nkumba fall to Ahly in Straight Sets

Cairo, Egypt, March 6

Uganda’s Nkumba University fell prey to Ahly after their straight-set defeat in the ongoing 2018 Women's African Club Volleyball Championships in Cairo Egypt in Match 5. The opening day fixture saw the Hosts and record holders Ahly begin the Championships on a high octane with a spectacular performance to confirm their authority in the game by topping the game (25-7, 25-12, 25-16).

Nkumba fought back with a spirited effort to reclaim their ground, but it is Ahly who played to their own advantage by fielding all the squad in the course of the three sets. Habiba Nawala led the Nkumba ladies with 8 points against Ukrainian Katenya Silchnkova’s 12points.

In other Opening day fixtures

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