Tokyo Olympic Games Could be postponed until 2021

Tokyo Olympic Games Could be postponed until 2021

The 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games to be delayed by a year due to the ongoing Global Corona Virus Pandemic

The International Olympics Committee is set to announce postponement of the 2020 Summer Olympics  due to the Global Corona Virus Pandemic. This  will come in  the wake of calls by world leaders to postpone the event even as countries begin to withdraw from the games.

Australia which is one of the biggest teams at the Olympic games has announced withdrawal from the summer games joining Canada who became the first country to announce their withdrawal from  the Olympics and Paralympics games on Sunday.

In addition, the chairman of the British Olympic Association  has said Great Britain "would be unlikely to send a team to Tokyo ."

The strict lockdown and social distancing measures taken by countries across the world  has completely incapacitated preparations by athletes making it difficult for participants to hit optimum preparedness ahead of the most prominent events in the world.

The IOC had given itself until mid April to make a definite announcement over the future of the 2020 games but the escalating  spread of the COVID 19 Pandemic makes it impossible to hold the games scheduled to kick off  in July.

The summer games that were set to begin on July 24 in Tokyo  could now be delayed for a year to 2021.

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