April 14, 2024

Respite for stranded Silibwet Lions

Respite for stranded Silibwet Lions
Silibwet Lions in past action

After publicly coming out and expressing their plight, Silibwet Leons players can rest easy after well wishers came to their rescue and facilitated their return to Bomet.

On Wednesday morning, it emerged that Silibwet players were stranded at the coast three days after their game against Mombasa Elite.

Silibwet lost 3-0 last weekend and besides suffering the heavy defeat, the team was unable to fuel the bus and start the long journey back to Bomet.


The players had to rely on the good will of kind hearted members of the public for food with the bus turning out to be their shelter at night.

After failing to raise money to facilitate their journey back home, Silibwet players came out and expressed their sorry situation, attracting the attention of Bomet Governor Hillary Barchok.

According to a player who sought anonymity, Barchok offered to fuel the bus and catered for meals and on top of that, gave the team a small token to make the long trip bearable.

"We are on our way back to Bomet after the leadership of the county came to our rescue. We are grateful for the timely intervention," said the player.

The player also thankef a section of Bandari players for coming to their rescue during the days they were rooted at the coast by providing meals.

"We are it not for our friends at Bandari, we could have suffered a good one. They did their best in making us comfortable," he revealed.

Silibwet have been struggling to make ends meet due to lack of commercial partners. The team has been losing its best players in each transfer window due to it's inability to match the packages offered elsewhere.

Currently, the team is battling to keep it's place in the second tier.