Nyamweya now questions FKF's 300M spending, team selection

Nyamweya now questions FKF's 300M spending, team selection

Fomer FKF Chairman Sam Nyamweya has called on FKF to explain to Kenya how they spent the 300M sent to support Harambee Stars.

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Former Football Kenya Federation Chairman Sam Nyamweya has now called on the current regime to  tell Kenyans how the 300 Million shillings sent to support Harambee Stars was used.

In a press statement received on Wednesday afternoon , Nyamweya has said , "After Kenya’s exit from the Africa Cup of Nations, time has come for the football stakeholders to ask hard questions about the preparations and performance of the national team Harambee Stars."

He further questioned that, "The government gave the Federation Sh.240 Million and a further Sh.60 Million was received from the Confederation of Africa Football {CAF} making Kenya one of the best funded teams going into the AFCON, how was this money spent?"

"We must be told who were in the contingent that traveled to France and to Cairo on the Federation account and what role if any were they playing in the team and how much was spent on their travel. While other teams held their pre tournament residential camps in North Africa and countries neighboring Egypt, the FKF opted to take the team to France where climatic conditions are different and harsh. Who made this decision and why?"

Kenya's Harambee Stars  only won one of three matches of Group C losing 2-0 to Algeria , beating Neighbors Tanzania 3-2 and losing to Senegal 3-0 in their last match before being eliminated  having finished third behind Senegal and Algeria.

Nyamweya further questioned the depth of the team and the selection criteria  noting that, "From the performance where we conceded seven goals- which is among the highest in the tournament- and only scored 3 which translates to minus 4 after spending colossal Kshs. 300M, it is clear we lacked depth in the team. Why were some of the best players left out of the squad? Was there interference from the executive in selecting the final list of players to the team?"

In his final submissions in the statement , Nyamweya added that ," It is a clear indicator that the current management of football in the country has let Kenyans down by interfering with selection of players to the national team for selfish reasons. The FKF top management has turned the national team to a private entity making decisions without looking at the national interest. Harambee Stars belongs to Kenyans and not an individual."

Nyamweya served previously as Kenya's soccer president and was ousted by the current regime which is led by Nick Mwendwa. 

This was the first time (under Nick Mwendwa's regime) that Kenya qualified for the Africa Cup of Nations in 15 years.

However , while speaking on behalf of the Kenyan Government after the team's elimination,  Sports Cabinet Secretary Amina Mohammed said she was impressed with the way the money was spent and the spirit shown by the team and the fighting character they exhibited.

“It is a good homework for us being here and now we see we need to improve our facilities back at home. Now we have the Sports Fund and we will be able to do more for our national teams. We have been able to facilitate this team and we have seen what the money has done,” she said.

“We are proud of the team. You don’t come from nowhere and become a champion. For us now it’s knowing what needs to be done what it will take to have our boys where they should be. They showed the commitment and the fight ,they showed us it just needs a little bit of push and we have them where they should be,”

Amina was speaking in Cairo on Tuesday when she led a Government contingent  in hosting the team to a post tournament luncheon in Cairo.

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