April 14, 2024

Musingu Addresses Controversy Surrounding Omondi

Musingu Addresses  Controversy Surrounding Omondi

In response to recent social media uproar, Musingu High School has issued a statement clarifying the situation involving their student, Georgian Chris Omondi.

According to a school official, Omondi participated in the Musingu High School Talent Search Trial in December 2023, where he was offered admission along with numerous other candidates. 

The trial attracted an impressive turnout of 1200 participants.

Furthermore, it was revealed that Omondi has been associated with the Awendo Soccer Academy since the age of 6, with MOFA (Michael Olunga Football Academy) becoming involved in January 2024.

Described as a talented goalkeeper for the national under-15 team, Omondi was expected to join Musingu High School's renowned team alongside his peers from the Awendo football academy. 

In January this year, Yala School intervened, forcibly taking Omondi and placing him under MOFA without Omondi's Parental consent. However, Omondi's father eventually admitted his son to Musingu High as a form one at the beginning of the year.

Prior to this, the school had received a demand letter from MOFA, alleging a violation of Omondi's rights and insisting on his return to his original school, St. Mary’s Yala. It is understood that the matter has now been resolved in a meeting held at Musingu High School where  MOFA's lawyers met with Omondi Mum in the presence of the School administration.