Money thrown at Blatter during FIFA press conference

Money thrown at Blatter during  FIFA press conference


Outgoing FIFA President Sepp Blatter had to delay a press conference in Zurich on Monday after  a UK prankster Simon Brodkin  (stage names Lee Nelson and Jason Bent) gate crashed the event  and showered him with a pile of fake dollar notes .

In the video below, Lee Nelson says, "Here you go, Sepp. This is for North Korea 2026"

An angered Blatter then called his security men to whisk Nelson away. Swiss Police later took charge.

The comedian who once surprised rapper Kanye West by appearing on stage announced had a media tag on top of a North Korea emblem.

After Nelson left, Blatter joked:  'I just called my late mother and she said, ‘Don't worry, it’s just a lack of education”.

The prankster who had definitely achieved his mission latter Tweeted:  "Excited to be at Fifa meeting Sepp Blatter to secure the #NorthKorea2026 World Cup."

Blatter announced he will be stepping down as FIFA boss on June.

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