May 20, 2024

Metro Man: A Tale of Luck, Prayer and Social Media

Metro Man: A Tale of Luck, Prayer and Social Media
The Metro Man recognized in Qatar. Photo/@roadto2022news

'Metro Man' Abubakar Abbas from Kenya has been a sensation in the Qatar FIFA World Cup

Abubakar Abbas, 23, also known as the famous 'Metro Man,' has slowly emerged as a fan favorite to all football fans in Qatar and the world. 

The 23-year-old Kenyan hails from Mombasa and is in Qatar on a work visa. From a jobless youth in the streets of Mombasa to a global internet sensation in less than a month, Metro Man, as we all have come to know him, is still in awe of everything happening to him. 


In an interview, the metro man revealed that he had applied for a security job in the World Cup in September this year. He also said he didn't expect to get the job as he had been told about it a day before the deadline.

"I can say it is God's hand since I was told about the interview a day like today evening and tomorrow was the last day to be interviewed in Nairobi, so I had to take the night bus, and I thank God I was among those chosen for this," he said. 

 Abubakar also said that he considers it luck and does take it for granted that he was among the few that got the job. 

“I was excited to pass the interview since there are so many people who went for the interview, and I do not take it for granted that I was chosen,” he added.

Upon arriving in Qatar, the metro man says that he found out that instead of having a security job as a security officer, he would guide fans outside the stadium and into the Metro. 

Bored at work

However, he took the job with open arms and thought of a way to make it interesting and exciting. 

“My first day at work, I was bored, and I felt like it was not fulfilling for the fans also, so I found a way to engage them," he said. 

His way of entertaining and engaging fans made him a viral social media sensation. The fans quickly got the hang of his famous 'metro, metro' line and adapted a reply 'this way, this way to him. 

As games progressed, fans stopped by where he sat on a tennis-umpire chair, wearing a large foam hand, took photos and videos with him and posted on social media. 

He said he could not believe what was happening and attributed his newfound fame to God's doing and prayer. 

"I cannot believe at times that the whole world is looking at me and can imagine someone like me. That is just God's work, don't you think so? Then when I saw that I was going viral, I decided to open my account."

Metro Man now on Tik Tok

Speaking to his many gained followers on his Tiktok account, Metro Man 001, he said that he only has one account and all the rest should be reported. 

“I have only one account, so whoever is impersonating me, please report that account and unfollow it,” Metro Guy said in a video on his Tiktok account. 

Many good things have been coming his way, including joining commentators on the football pitch during half-time at England vs. USA match. He engaged the whole crowd in shouting, 'Metro, This way’. 

According to reports, his visa has been extended for two years, and he has been taken as the Metro brand ambassador, which involves getting added financial benefits. 

He will also be meeting the Emir of Qatar soon.