Kenya Sevens win the Challenge Trophy at London Sevens

Kenya Sevens win the Challenge Trophy at London Sevens

Kenya Sevens ran over Wales to win the Challenge Trophy at the final whistle as the London sevens drew to a close on Sunday at Twickenham Stadium in London, England.

The two met for the Trophy finals on Sunday, where Shuja won convincingly, 33-19 to collect eight points from the event, a feat that saw their points stretch to 101 points. This is the first time Shujaa are reaching the century mark in history.

Even with the historical centenary feat, Shujaa dropped to seventh place after England who were seventh-placed frog jumped them when they entered the battle for Bronze with surprise semifinalists Ireland who finally finished 16th on the series log.

The Kenya Sevens head coach, Innocent Simiyu, lamented of a poor start from his team, though he reiterated that he was happy with the results as he acknowledged the team has to dig deeper and harder to improve on their performance.

“We didn’t start well yesterday but I am happy in terms of the results but we still have a lot to do with performances,” he said

Kenya Sevens benefitted a lot from the services of Jeffrey Oluoch who touched down twice. Eden Agero, William Ambaka and Collins Injera made a try each all cumulatively sinking the Welsh team in addition to the three resulting conversions took in by Agero and one from Injera. The 19 points from the Welsh side of the field came in from Luke Morgan, Afon Bagshaw  and Jared Rosser

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