IAAF World Youth Championships weekend events timetable

IAAF World Youth Championships weekend events timetable

IAAF World Youth Championships weekend events timetable

Part of the competitors during the IAAF Junior Steeplechase action at Kasarani on Friday/Michezo Afrika Photo by E.Onchiri

As the World U-18 Athletics Championships enters the third day this afternoon at the Moi International Sports Center Kasarani, here is a look at the weekend events timetable.


MORNING SESSION                                             

09:30  W          Javelin Throw (500g) Qualification Group A                       

09:35   M         10,000 Metres Race Walk       Final                                       

10:05   W        Long Jump      Heptathlon Girls                                            

10:40   W        Javelin Throw (500g)  Qualification Group B            S                     

10:45  W         5000 Metres Race Walk          Final                                       

10:50   M         High Jump       Final    Startlist                       

11:35   W        100m Hurdles (76.2cm)          Heats              

12:05   W        Javelin Throw (500g)  Heptathlon Girls                                            

12:20   X         4x400 Metres Relay    Heats               


16:30   W        Hammer Throw (3kg) Final                           

16:50   W        Triple Jump     Final                           

17:10   W        200 Metres      Semi-Final                                          

17:30   W        Pole Vault       Final                           

17:35   M         200 Metres      Semi-Final                                          

18:00   W        400 Metres Hurdles    Final                           

18:15  M          400m hurdles (84.0cm)           Final                           

18:21   M         Discus Throw (1.500kg)         Final                                       

18:35   W        1500 Metres    Final                           

19:10   W        800 Metres      Heptathlon Girls                                            


15:00   M         Pole Vault       Final                                       

15:10   W        Javelin Throw (500g)  Final                                       

15:25   W        200 Metres      Final                                       

15:35   W        Long Jump      Final                                       

15:40   M         200 Metres      Final                                       

16:00   W        800 Metres      Final                                       

16:25   M         3000 Metres    Final               

16:52   W        100m Hurdles (76.2cm)          Final                                       

17:10   M         2000 Metres Steeplechase       Final               

17:36   X         4x400 Metres Relay    Final                                       


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