Gor Mahia Chairman stirs controversy with Freemason link

Gor Mahia Chairman stirs controversy with Freemason link
File Image : Gor Mahia Chairman

Gor Mahia Chairman Ambrose Rachier has ignited debate with admission that he is a member of freemason society.

Long serving Gor Mahia Chairman Ambrose Rachier has stirred controversy by admitting he is a member of the secretive fraternity Freemason society.

In an exclusive interview by NTV for a Sunday for a feature dubbed “The Mystery of Freemasonry”, Rachier admits he is indeed a proud member of the mysterious organisation.

"I am not scared to say I am one of the them [Free Mason] and I don’t regret. My family know that today Ambrose Rachier is going. There is a way we dress and also carry my attire,” said Rachier.

With the mystery associated with Free Mason, the seasoned advocate explains that it is indeed a secretive organisation whereby membership is based on invitation and that members do not subscribe to any faith or denomination.

“It is an organisation into which you are invited by somebody who knows you. It is not based on any particular religion, we have Muslims, Christians and Buddhist and  do not invoke name of Jesus Christ in our meetings”,  Rachier added.

Through opaque ceremonies, the values of Freemasonry are propagated from one generation to generation hence attracting conspiracy theories from the non-members who don’t understand the practices.

"We have those secrets, if you are at the lower level we don’t even tell you what we do at second or third level. We can’t," He added.


He claims to be in good company of who is who in the Kenyan society.

‘If you look at the board, you will find chief justices of Kenya; there is a lot of who is who in Kenya there,” he added.

Rachier is a founder and  senior partner at Rachier & Amollo Advocates. He is an Advocate of the High Court of Kenya of over 30 years standing.

He took over as Gor Mahia Chairman in 2008 to bring an end to a tumultuous leadership by Erastus Okul.

To his credit, Rachier has transformed Gor Mahia into a league winning outfit. He has delivered seven Kenyan Premier League titles and three national cups. The club reached the 2018-19 CAF Confederation Cup quarter-finals.

During his tenure Gor Mahia has blown hot and cold. The club has attracted great signings who went on to deliver the titles but losing the same to local clubs and a barrage of legal tussles due to unfulfilled contracts has tainted his resume at the helm.

The former Alliance High School where and University of Madagascar alumni has promised to step down several times but rescinded the decision in what he believes is “at the club’s interest”.

Recently, Gor Mahia penned a 3-year Ksh 240 million sponsorship deal just days after terminating a deal with BetAfriq.

Terming the new deal as “marriage made in heaven”, Rachier implored upon disgruntled former players to withdraw cases filed at FIFA as the club took a hit after Covid-19 affected their balances.