FKF moves to have SuperSport rescind KPL withdrawal decision

FKF moves to have SuperSport rescind KPL withdrawal decision

Kenya’s soccer governing body Football Kenya Federation has revealed that the Federation in partnership with Kenyan Premier League have engaged SuperSport in a bid to have the South African Pay TV Company rescind their decision to withdraw from airing the Kenyan Premier League.

SuperSport pulled the plug on the KPL last week after giving the league a blackout for three weeks since the start of the season citing that according to the Sports Disputes Tribunal -SDT- ruling, KPL was not the recognized organizer of the Kenyan League.Read the full withdrawal story here.

In response to the withdrawal, FKF convened a joint Executive meeting with KPL top brass including club chairmen on Monday and agreed to have harmonious working relations in order to encourage SuperSport a return to the league.

 “From the two meetings we have resolved that it is in our interest and that of Kenyan football to have SuperSport back on air,” said FKF President Nick Mwendwa.

“As such the federation has moved with speed to engage SuperSport in a bid to remedy the situation and have the company rescind its decision to terminate its contract with the KPL.” Mwendwa added.

“We have further  made it clear to SuperSport that despite being the institution duly recognized to oversee all footballing activities in the country, we have not only delegated the mandate to commercially organise the top tier League to the KPL limited until the year 2020 but are also willing to provide any warrants that might be required to demonstrate the same,” explained Mwendwa.

In addition, the FKF president also pointed out that the two meetings had resolved that there was an urgent need to mend relations between the KPL and the FKF for the betterment of football.

 “Further in the spirit of reconciliation FKF has decided to mute all charges that had been levied against three individuals from KPL, for bringing the game into disrepute,” concluded Mwendwa.

This is a developing story.

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