FIFA invites cave trapped boys team to World Cup final

FIFA invites cave trapped boys team to World Cup final

The Wild Boar Team together with their 25 year old coach could be part of the 2018 Russia Final guests in Moscow if all are rescued on time and are in good health, according to a letter from FIFA president Gianni Infantino

An image showing the boys trapped in a Thai cave. PHOTO | ABC NEWS | COURTESY

The world football governing body FIFA has invited the boys' soccer team that is trapped in a cave in Thailand to the Russia 2018 FIFA World Cup Final.

The boys aged between 11 and 16 together with their coach were exploring the partly flooded Tham Luang Nang Non cave in mountainous Chiang Rai province, Northern Thailand on June 23 when they were cut off by water. A few of the boys are reported to have been rescued as efforts of rescue were heightened even amidst reports that one of the rescuers lost his life on the mission.

A number of world football stars have sent their messages of support, rallying around the 12 boys and their coach. FIFA in addition to her message of support has invited the soccer team to the World Cup Final in Russia on July 15, if the rescuers manage to rescue the remaining 8 boys and their coach in time.

In a letter sent last Thursday to the Football Association of Thailand which was later translated into Thai and posted on Facebook, FIFA President Gianni Infantino expressed his deepest sympathies and support to the families of the cave trapped soccer team and extended his support to the juveniles and their coach. He expressed relief on hearing that all the thirteen were found alive on July 2 and added that he was anxiously following the news on their rescue attempts.

“On behalf of the international football community, I would like to join you in expressing my deepest sympathies and support to the families of the players and coach, as well as my solidarity with the people of Thailand at this time of great concern,” the letter partly read.

He went ahead to invite the Wild Boar soccer team and their coach to finals in Moscow on July 15.

The letter continued in part, “If, as we all hope, they are reunited with their families in the coming days and their health allows them to travel, FIFA would be delighted to invite them to attend the 2018 World Cup final in Moscow as our guests. I sincerely hope that they will be able to join us at the final, which will undoubtedly be a wonderful moment of communion and celebration.”

According to reports, The Royal Thai Navy members who are taking care of the boys reported the eagerness of the boys to know how the tournament in Russia had proceeded ever since they got trapped. A number of members in the Royal Thai Navy, including specialists and others drawn from various nations, are leading in the rescue mission working hard 24/7 to drain the cave.

It is not clear how and when the rescuers will rescue the team and the 25-year-old coach but everything points to a hope that everyone in the Thai nation and around the world has to see the team reunite with their families. However, according to the weather forecasts, the seasonal rains predicted to hit the area may not allow for much time in the rescue efforts. Contingency plans are being explored further.

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