Chapa Dimba has changed my life, says Central Region MVP Lutomia

Chapa Dimba has changed my life, says Central Region MVP Lutomia

Falling Waters skipper Mariam Lutomia says Chapa Dimba Na Safaricom has changed her life as she looks up to become one of the finest midfielders in Kenya

Falling Waters skipper Mariam Lutomia

For a second year running, Falling Waters skipper Mariam Lutomia has been named the Chapa Dimba na Safaricom Central Region Most Valuable Player.  

Lutomia who also made it into the All Star team that travelled for a training camp in Barcelona last year says playing at the annual tournament has proved a life changing moment for her. And now, having been named best player for the second time, she hopes that her rising star will support in transforming the life of her family even more.

“When I won the MVP award last year, I went home to my mum in Naivasha and together, we travelled to our home in Kitale and bought a small piece of land for us. Now that I have won it again, I am very happy because we can now start developing that land,” Lutomia said.

She added; “Chapa Dimba has really changed my life because the cash prizes we have won these two seasons have proved to be massive for me. Also, if it was not for Chapa Dimba I would never have gone to Spain and learnt so many things,” Lutomia stated.

Lutomia who is the fourth born in a family of five was brought up by a single mother after their father abandoned them at an early age. She admits that life was never a bed of roses when she was growing up.

“We used to sleep hungry most of the times. Sometimes we just drink water and go to bed. Life was always tough for us and my mother struggled to bring us up . But I decided that I would pursue football to change my life,”

“This same football has helped me go through primary and High School on scholarship and now, I hope I can use it to change my family’s life,” noted the midfielder.

She says she started playing football at the age of 12 and her uncle Amman Gullit who is also the head coach of Falling Waters took her under his wings and nurtured her talent for the past six years.

The midfielder who idolizes former Barcelona midfielder Iniesta plays in the attacking midfield role and at the Central Region finals in Nanyuki over the weekend scored three goals in two games to aid the side to the title for a second year running.

Lutomia believes the training she picked up in Spain was a huge boost to her and the team.

“Before I went to Barcelona, I wasn’t even the captain of this team. When I came back and I tried teaching my teammates the things we learnt, the coaches decided to make me captain. I thank them for believing in me and I believe it is what I learnt in Barcelona that has made me a better player,” she added.

Lutomia’s passing range is one to behold and how she controls the midfield is miles ahead of her age. She says she has achieved this through watching her favorite midfielder Iniesta and her favorite team Barcelona.

“I cried the day Iniesta retired because I always watched him and I wanted to be a midfielder of his quality. I still watch his videos up to today and whenever I watch Barcelona play, I want to see how their midfielders move, pass the ball, shut spaces and read the game,” Lutomia stated.

She added; “One day I would also want to play for their women’s team and this is my ultimate dream.”

The midfielder now hopes she can be voted in to be among the 16 players in the All Star team again, something she says would be an almost dream come true.

Chapa Dimba  grassroot soccer tournament is sponsored by Safaricom.

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