Cairo-bound teams skip league fixtures

Cairo-bound teams skip league fixtures

Wind factor makes Cairo bound teams skip local fixtures

File Photo/ Prison vs Pipeline

Five teams who will take part in the forthcoming men and women’s Africa Voleyball Club Championships will not honour their first circuit of the Kenya Volleyball Federation national league set for Kenyatta Grounds, Kitale today.

Women’s reigning champions Kenya Prisons, Kenya Commercial Bank and Kenya Pipeline who leave the country for Cairo, Egypt next week alongside their male counterparts, holders General Service Unit and Kenya Prisons have all forfeited the league to concentrate their efforts on the continental fixtures. The men’s outfits will travel at the end of the month.

The five have been using indoor facilities to prepare for Africa Club Championships for over a month and moving to play the outdoor league would water down the grounds gained and work to their disadvantage in Cairo. GSU tactician Gideon Tarus it would be of no gain for any five teams to play outdoors in between their indoor training regime.

“We would be shooting ourselves on the foot if we go to play outdoors in Kitale. Any team going to an indoor competition and in between the preparations in the gymnasium play in an open air field would be working against themselves,”

“There are the ball weight and wind factors which are different in the indoor and outdoor volleyball. You cannot train with a light ball in the gymnasium then go in the fields to play a heavier on and back to  the gym ball… that adjusting take the team back to square one yet we are closing in to the tournament dates,” explained Tarus.

“The wind factor is very little to none at all in the gymnasium as compared to the outdoors where it is always present,” he added.

Consequently, there will only be two women’s matches played in Kitale after the postponement of four involving Pipeline, KCB and Prisons. Men will play eight ties as GSU and Prisons were pitted in four fixtures.


MARCH 8, 2019


Time- 9.00 am

1. Prison Mombasa vs Bungoma County

2. AP Kenya vs Vihiga County

3. KDF (Ulinzi) Vs Western Prison

Time- 11.00 am

4. Nairobi Prisons vs KPA

5. Bungoma County vs Nairobi Prisons

6. KPA Vs Equity Bank

Time- 2.00 pm

7. Western Prison vs AP Kenya

8. Vihiga County vs Prison Mombasa



Time- 9.00am

1. Bungoma County vs Kenya Army

Time- 11 am

2. Kenya Army vs DCI

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