Blame game as FKF turns heat on Mwendwa

Blame game as FKF turns heat on Mwendwa

Blame game as FKF turns heat on Mwendwa

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Football Kenya Federation on Tuesday turned the heat of Kariobangi Sharks chairman Nick Mwendwa, who is gunning to unseat the federation chief Sam Nyamweya.

In a communique sent to newsrooms after the federation’s NEC meeting, FKF said that the confusion being witnessed in the FKF league is as a result of Mwendwa, whom they accuse of having previously handled and procured the Player Registration system.

“The issues of eligibility or otherwise of players in the leagues was a matter squarely handled on the Players Registration System, which was procured and supplied by Mr. Nick Mwendwa, and jointly administered with Mr. Ronny Oyando, both of who have since left the Federation without any handing over of the access credentials to the Federation, leaving the whole system in a mess.

“The two are directed to explain the mess, which has led to the current situation in the second tier league and give a detailed hand-over report to enable FKF streamline issues regarding the status and transfer of players in the second-tier league.”

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