Stage set for belated Motor Cross 2 at Jamhuri

Stage set for belated Motor Cross 2 at Jamhuri

Stage set for belated Motor Cross 2 at Jamhuri

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Its all system go as the belated National Motocross Championship Round Two race heads to Jamhuri Park track this weekend.Although certainty of what's up the sleeves of riders is mysterious during the race organised by East African Motor Sports Club (EAMSC), it will be interesting to watch who is smarter amongst them, especially given that they will be tackling anticipated dry and dusty conditions on Sunday.

To set the ball rolling, EAMSC will hold it's 2012 Annual General Meeting-cum-2012 prize giving on Saturday at Pampas Churascoss, Lavington with race-day 2 slated for Sunday.

The AGM is scheduled to run between 12.00PM to 01.00PM followed by Prize Giving from 01.00PM to 06.00PM.

The second motocross meeting was earlier programmed to run on the weekend of March 2-3, but was deferred to this Sunday ostensibly to pave way for Kenya General Elections that concluded on Monday March 4.

As the raceday draws closer, Dekker Kihara is oozing confidence in his KTM motorbike and harbours hopes of consolidating his MX50 lead class up against the rest of the diminutive adversaries including Dylan Mutahi, Tai Wahome, Jet Takkunen and Xavian Walimohammed.

Like Dekker, Ethan Nyachae is brimming with the confidence of outlasting his opponents in the 60cc class.  

Nyachae, who had literally no jitters expect for bravado at last year’s series, is desirous to add the second round feat to his haul of victories; knowing too well that his adversaries Maina Wanjigi, Callum Hays, Ryan Bailey, Jesse Waithaka, Christian Chege and Alex Moi will all be charging with the requisite gusto and aggression.

The MX 85 class is expected to produce fireworks galore with KTM rider Githuku Mungai enjoying a run-away lead of 57 points followed by Elias Sherman who is two points adrift in the second slot with third placed Rolf Kihara also expected to produce something spectacular.   

The star rider in the MX 125 cc class and from whom a lot is expected is Rohan Gandhi who has scored 57 points in his carroty KTM machine. His rivals are Masalule Kituyi with 54 and KTM rider Samir Anwar who is lying third overall with 45 points.

Ivan Guya and Apollo Mbuki's battle royale in search for MX 2 class title continues with their usual on-the-limit riding. Guya is enjoying a 13 point advantage and Apollo must thus ride with speed and precision if he has to vanquish him.

Shivam Vinayak and Tutu Maina are undoubtedly the riders to watch in the spectacular MX 1 class for the big bikes. They are both renowned for their spectacular jumps and power slides round the tight corners which are spectator attractions at the Jamhuri Park circuit. This is going to be Tutu’s second race of the season in his new class since graduating from MX2 category which he’s incidentally the outgoing Champion.  

1. Dekker Kihara (KTM) 60; 2. Dylan Mutahi (KTM) 47; 2= Tai Wahome (KTM) 47; 4.Jet Takkunen (KTM) 41; 5. Xavian Wali Mohamed (KTM) 33

1. Ethan Nyachae (KTM) 57; 2. Maina Wanjigi (KTM) 54; 3. Callum Hays (KTM) 43; 4. Ryan Bailey (KTM) 37; 5. Jesse Waithaka (KTM) 33; 6. Christian Chege (KTM) 30; 7. Alex Moi (KTM) 27

1.Githuku Mungai (KTM) 57; 2.Elias Sherman (KTM) 52; 3.Rolf Kihara (KTM) 47; 4. Mohamed Anwar (Yamaha) 36; 5. Jeremy Waithaka (Kawasaki) 34; 6. Owain Ashley (Kawasaki) 32; 7. Robin Smit (KTM) 25; 8. Maxime Wahome (KTM) 18; 9. Armaan Bains (Kawasaki) 15

Mx 125 CLASS
1. Rohan Gandhi (KTM) 57; 2. Masalule Kituyi (KTM) 54; 3. Samir Anwar (KTM) 45; 4. Walter Kuria (KTM) 39; 5. Simon Svensson (Honda) 22

1. Ivan GUYA (KTM) 60; 2.Apollo Mbuki (KTM) 47; 3. Samir Sherman (KTM) 45; 4. Muthandi Wanjigi (Yamaha) 43;

1. Shivam Vinayak (Kawasaki) 60; 2. Tutu Maina (KTM) 51; 3. Issac Kuria (Yamaha) 45; 4. Louis Dirnboeck (Suzuki) 39

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