Safari Rally: Jassi takes charge

Safari Rally: Jassi takes charge

Safari Rally: Jassi takes charge

After the dropping out of Finnish Tapio Laukkanen on Sunday morning in Loldiaga, Jassi Chatthe (2:50.49) driving an evolution X has taken the lead on the final stages of the three day Safari Rally with less than  a minute lead ahead of former champion Ian Duncan (2:51.20).

 Carl Flash Tundo is also in for the run (2:52.20) closely pushed by defending Rally Champion Baldev Chagger (2:53.37)

The only ladies crew of Tash Tundo and Chantal Young could not actualize their dream of  finishing the race as they retired with a clutch failure in the Kibrichia stage.

According to organizers, over 300 people are engaged as volunteers to assist in the demanding jobs of running such a major event of the Safari Rally status - spread over five counties across the nation. 120 of the total are charged as senior officers in addition to the number of Time Controllers. Others are marshals and security personnel.

Progressive overall CS12 (Loldaiga)

1. Jassi Chatthe 2:50.49
2. Ian Duncan 2:51.20
3. Carl Flash Tundo  2:52.20
4. Baldev Chagger 2:53.37

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