Ian Duncan wins Guru Nanak Rally

Ian Duncan wins Guru Nanak Rally

Ian Duncan wins Guru Nanak Rally

Ian Duncan has won the 2014 edition of the Guru Nanak Rally beating Rajbir Rai by a 2 seconds margin to win the Sikh Union organized event for the unprecedented 12th time.

Duncan recorded a time of 1:47.12 coming in ahead of Rai who posted 1:47.14 while Manvir Signh finished third with a time of 1:53.33.

Double Safari Rally champion Baldev Charger  was forced out of the rally after his car developed mechanical problems,  "The car has been missing all this time and we were not going over 3500rpm. We came into service and thought we had the problem sorted out but the car kept misfiring on the transport section so we opted to retire." Boldy said.

The rally was flagged of by Nakuru Governor Kinuthia Mbugua flagged of the rally on Sunday morning at the KCB Naivasha branch.

1. Ian Duncan (Nissan Patrol) 1:47.12
2. Rajbir Rai (EVOX) 1:47.14
3. Manvir Baryan (Subaru) 1:53.33
4. Raaji Bharij (EVO9) 1:54.42
5. Karan Patel (Subaru GC8) 1:55.50
6. Onkar Rai (EVO9) 1:56.17
7. Azar Anwar (EVO8) 1:57.35
8. Steve Gacheru (Subaru N10) 2:01.47
9. Jasmeet Chana (EVOX) 2:02.09
10. Imran Mogul (Subaru N10) ) 2:02.55
11. Eric Bengi (Toyota RunX) 2:05.09
12. Alasdair Keith (Subaru GC8) 2:05.25
13. Steve Mwangi (Subaru N10) 2:06.40
14. Ronak Shah (Subaru N12) 2:10.23
15. Tejvir Rai (EVOX) 2:12.19.


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