Cavenagh to miss Voi leg of KCB rally

Cavenagh to miss Voi leg of KCB rally

Cavenagh to miss Voi leg of KCB rally

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Two-time national rally champion Alastair Cavenagh and his navigator Gavin Laurence will miss the forthcoming KCB Voi Rally (KNRC round 3) on 11th May due to a prior commitment. Alastair is competing in a gruelling Iron Man competition (swim 1.9km, cycle 90km, + half marathon combined) to raise money for Cystic Fibrosis that weekend in Mallorca, Spain and had hoped that the dates would not clash.

'It is a shame that I will miss yet another round of the championship ', said Alastair who missed the first round in Kajiado due to an injury. It would have been particularly beneficial to participate in the Voi rally as I am fairly certain that many of the sections will be used in the EASR in November and obviously having raced them twice and driven them competitively in the rally will provide a huge advantage to all of those competitors who will be entered in both events".

The Ford Escort MK 2 that Cavenagh will be driving in the EASR is due to arrive in the country within the next couple of weeks; 'I hope to test the car thoroughly before the event but it's never quite the same as competing in a rally,' quipped Cavenagh.

Cavenagh will as usual go for the KQ Safari Classic jugular co -driven by his erstwhile team mate and multiple KNRC champion Carl Tundo.

On paper the two should prove a fairly formidable team but in the EASR a lot of luck is required and anything can happen as the duo witnessed last time when their car was caught in a flash flood and carried off down a river drowning the engine and putting them out of the event.

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