Shimba Hills retain KSSSA Basketball title

Shimba Hills retain KSSSA Basketball title

Shimba Hills retain KSSSA Basketball title

Shimba Hills from Mombasa won the Brookside sponsored term one KSSSA basketball games after they beat Buru Buru from Metropolitan 50-32 on Saturday afternoon at the Mangu High School.

In what can be described as the toughest match for the Champions who were defending their title, the 1st quarter started on a tense note with Shimba Hills taking it with 15 points to Buru Buru ‘s 6 points. Shimba Hill’s height advantage worked for them in the quarter as they managed to utilize the numerous rebounds they collected while on the other end Buru Buru could not capitalise on the free throws that they were awarded.

In the 2nd quarter Shimba Hills could not get any point in the first 5 minutes of the quarter but they managed to rally back and win it with 12 points against Buru Buru’s 5 points. In the 3rd quarter the two teams were neck to neck and it was evident in the final score which was 14-15 in favor of Shimba Hills.

The finals were a repeat of last year’s games but the Champions could not replicate the sizzling form in which they reached 100 point mark and in the last quarter they managed only 8 points while their opponents had 7 points to book a slot in the East African Games thar are scheduled for August.

Evelyn Atieno gave Shimba Hills 15 points while Thelma Adhiambo had 17 points. Lisa Mayieng gave Buru Buru 11 points with Brenda Namwiri had 9 points.

Speaking after the match Shimba Hills coach Philip Onyango was glad that they won but stated that they did not reach their mark, “we did not reach our target, this is a team that we could have beaten by more than a hundred points.”

On the other end Irene Achieng the Buru Buru center was happy with their performance, “we entered the match to have fun and we did just that but we now know their weakness and am sure we can beat them when we meet in the East Africa games.”

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