Sofapaka players visit Obungu in hospital

Sofapaka players visit Obungu in hospital

Sofapaka players visit Obungu in hospital

From his hospital bed at the Kenyatta national hospital ward 42,Sofapaka goalkeeper Wilson Obungu played host to his team mates from the Sofapaka family who visited him on Thursday afternoon.Obungu famously refered to as Oburu underwent a successful surgical procedure on Tuesday and is recovering well at the Kenyatta hospital in Nairobi.

He was among the thirty patients who received a specialized ligament repair from visiting doctors from USA Odipo Dan and Jerry Cooper who conduct annual clinical surgeries at the Kenyatta national hospital.

According to the doctors, Obungu had tore his Anterior Crucial Ligaments and needed surgical repair for him to regain fitness to play. The tearing of the ACL muscles leads to imbalance at the knee point followed by constant acute pain and can be repaired through either staying out of active playing for two years or undergo the knee opening surgical operation.

The ligaments are found at the knee part of the leg and one of the same muscles had to be removed from the left leg and implanted on his right affected leg for repair.

The doctors came with highly specialized arthroscopic equipment valued at approximately 70,000 dollars that were used in the project that also benefited 30 other patients with knee deformities.

The equipment uses high technology and the patients don’t have to undergo the normal open Patel cut on the affected part of the flesh but uses a needle inserted to repair while using a computer screen to monitor the same internally.

This according to Dr.Odipo, himself a former AFC Leopards’ team doctor before relocating to USA, helps in quick recovery and rehabilitation. The entire process of a single operation cost slightly over 100,000 thousand shillings as opposed to the would be half a million shillings in a normal hospital in Nairobi. The doctors, Odipo and Cooper did not charge service fee on all the patients they have treated in the past one week.

 Despite being hospitalized, Obungu remained jovial and exchanged light moments with his visiting team mates singing his favorite Lingala tunes from his bed as he is famously nicknamed Fally Pupa (Congolese artiste).

Obungu thanked the doctors for saving his career and later presented a Sofapaka branded team jersey to Dr.Odipo as a present of appreciation from the club.

He further asked the Kenyan Premier League managers to implement the mandatory medical check up to all players in the league to help them identify their injuries in good time so as to avoid more aggravation and damage to their body.

“In Kenya we have a major problem of lacking enough facilities to detecting players’ injuries. We need to take this to a next level where all players will be going through a systematic medical check up to ascertain their fitness levels.” Said Obungu.

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