Gor Mahia plans to become the best paying club in the region

Gor Mahia plans to become the best paying club in the region

Gor Mahia’s new officials are working on modalities to review the players’ wages and allowances in line with the changing economic times. Secretary General George Bwana in an interview with michezoafrika.com said the club could become the best paying club in the region if all the recommendations are adopted.

Gor Mahia has recently been on the spot with their player allowances and wages said to have been causing anxiety in the team’s dressing rooms in the recent past. Gor Mahia players get  2,500 shillings each per win. Their arch rivals AFC Leopards give each player Ksh 9,000 for an away win and 8,000 for a home win - more than triple of what Gor Mahia player  gets. 

According to our sources, some of the senior players at Gor Mahia recently got a major pay rise to 50,000 shillings basic salary per month but majority of the players earn 30,000 shillings per month. The figures were much lower before and only got reviewed after the TUZO sponsorship deal.

“Gor Mahia is a big club and we need to remunerate our players handsomely. With the kind of fan base we command, our players deserve to get better pay in the region since we raise the highest amounts in gate collection. We want to see our players drive themselves to training and live in comfortable neighborhoods. This comes with a good pay and we are determined to make them feel comfortable.” Said  Bwana.

According to Bwana, a happy player is a happy performer. “We do not want to have players thinking of their pocket problems instead of thinking of the tactical approach of the next match. This season needs to be a different year for our team and we will start by positively reviewing our players’ welfare.”

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