Furious Ochieng says AFC did not deserve the win

Furious Ochieng says AFC did not deserve the win

AFC Leopards players celebrate Mike Baraza's goal

City stars head coach Gideon Ochieng was a furious man after his team lost 1-0 to AFC Leopards in a KPL match played at the Nyayo stadium on Friday night.

Ochieng while speaking after the match said Ingwe were handed a suspect penalty which resulted in the sole goal of the match.

His rants on the touchline contesting the match officials’ decisions invited a red card as he was ejected from the bench to watch proceedings from the terraces.

 “I am pleased with the superb performance from my players.” He said.

“Clearly the best team was denied the win. How can such poor officiating be allowed to continue? In several occasions the referee was penalizing only my players .It is frustrating,” He said.

The head coach referred to a number of incidents that did not deserve the biased calls from the officials including the case in which a spot kick was given to AFC despite the ball hitting his player on the thigh. Mike Baraza converted to gift Ingwe the 1-0 advantage that lasted the entire match.

“Prior to that goal, the ball had gone out. The referee made the first mistake allowing it to proceed. Then again he followed up his mistake by awarding an undeserved penalty. That was a win handed on a silver plate and they did not work for it,” said a furious and frustrated Ochieng.

He said coaches should not be faulted since even the best coach in the world cannot help when biased officiating  is witnessed in broad daylight.

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