How to Transfer or Share Safaricom Bonga Points

Transfering or sharing Safaricom Bonga points is an easy process.

  1. As a prerequiste you must have enrolled in Safaricom Bonga Points.
  2. First note down the number you want to transfer the Bonga points to.
  3. Check your Bonga Points balance by dialling *126# then select "Check Bonga Points Balance"
  4. Armed with the phone number and balance, dial *126# again then select submenu 4 labelled "Transfer Bonga Points"
  5. Enter the receipent number.
  6. Enter the number of Bonga Points you wish to transfer.
  7. Enter your Bonga PIN
  8. Done!
  9. Alternatively you can dial *126*4# then enter the enter the recipient mobile number and amount to transfer.Once done, Click OK to confirm.