Nyongesa praises former club Gladiators

Nyongesa praises former club Gladiators

Nyongesa praises former club Gladiators

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Kenneth Nyongesa might have moved to Kisumu Simba from Strathmore ‘Gladiators’ University however the player has all but praise for his former club.

The defender jumped ship to the lakeside outfit at the start of the 2013 season having played for Strathmore since 2007.With Gladiators he has won the league and gone to the continental club championships on two occasions.

Last week the marauding defender was back to face his former teammates and coach in an entertaining match played at the City Park Stadium. Nyongesa was on target smashing a superb shot from a short corner as his new side went on to win 5-3.

Nyongesa was composed after the spectacular goal neither did he celebrate the goal. He admitted contrary to what many thought, it was an emotional match donning different colours against a side he believe has made him the player he is.

“From the moment the fixtures were out I was looking forward to the match. The team is young and rebuilding with very great players. Given some time they will be conquerors.” He said.

Nyongesa a hard tackler and a player who likes moving forward from his defensive roles says he moved to Simba in search of new challenges having literally won everything at Strathmore.

“Life at Strathmore was awesome. The players and especially the coach helped me become the player I am today. I will always be grateful to that family.” He concluded

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