Mvita cries foul over Walk Over

Mvita cries foul over Walk Over

Mvita cries foul over Walk Over

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Coast based Mvita hockey club are crying foul over what they call an unfair order of fixtures by the Kenya Hockey Union (KHU).The club over the weekend failed to honour matches against Wazalendo and USIU-A in the men premier league blaming the miss on communication breakdown between the Union and the club.

As a result Wazalendo were awarded five goals and three points since their opponents failed to show up for the match. It’s however not clear whether USIU got the same treatment.

Mvita team manager Gabriel Olang is bitter a bitter man, "I personally wrote a letter well in advance to get our fixtures adjusted. They (KHU) never communicated and we assumed everything was in place." said Olang.

"We just came from Tanga where we competed in the Tanga phoenix tournament and facing two major issues including finances to Nairobi and fatigued players, we had a genuine case.We are puzzled and lost for words." he added.

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