Egypt likely to attend Nairobi tournament

Egypt likely to attend Nairobi tournament

Egypt likely to attend Nairobi tournament

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Egypt is likely to send a team to take part in the 2013 Africa Cup of Nations despite initially withdrawing citing Political Instability in the North Africa Nation. The championships kick off in Nairobi from the 18th to 24th of this month.

The tournament was meant to start on the 26th of September but had to be pushed backward owing to the West gate terror attack that left over 70 people dead and more than twice the number injured.

With the changed dates by Africa Hockey Federation, (AHF) Egypt has indicated they are interested to take part in the tournament after all.  They are likely to join host Kenya, Namibia, South Africa, Tanzania and Ghana for the two slots for next June’s World cup to be held at the Hague Netherlands.

“Egypt have shown interest of reversing their initial withdrawal. “ Said Kenya Hockey Union Chair Nashon Randiek.

Meanwhile for the second week now, Meshack Senge men national team intensified their training from their usual twice a week to four times a week

The increased in training was boosted with the postponement of the national leagues to allow the players sufficient time with the national team.

“As we enter into the homestretch for the cup of nations there is need to increase the training sessions we have. I am trying to work on a few systems which we might be trying during the tournament. But on the good note the players are responding well enough.” said the coach.

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