Nairobi branch members up in arms over elections exclusion

Nairobi branch members up in arms over elections exclusion

Nairobi branch members up in arms over elections exclusion

A section of handball stakeholders from the Nairobi branch of the Kenya Handball Federation have protested against a decision to be left out of the forthcoming branch elections scheduled for the 9th of February.

The stakeholders whom a majority represent schools around Nairobi through their spokesman Andrew Watuha from Aga Khan High School sent a letter to the Chairman of the Nairobi branch John Ndonga seeking clarification on the selective bias on delegates eligible to vote in the coming elections.

In the letter that was also sent to a number of sports authorities in the country including the Commissioner of Sports, Permanent Secretary and the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, Watuha sought to know why they were not invited to participate in the elections yet the institutions they represent participate actively in handball within Nairobi.

 He goes on to further reveal that the Nairobi branch has never held a tournament, league or any handball activity since elected in office in 2009. According to the letter the decision to be left out is a calculated move so as to influence the outcome of both the branch elections and national elections that is to take place on the 23rd of this month.

In the letter, Watuha states that upon seeking an explanation on the situation, the Chairman of Nairobi branch Ndonga had said that only those teams that participate in the Kenya Handball Federation League were eligible to produce delegates who in turn will vote and this was a directive of the K.H.F National Officials.

Watuha refutes this insisting that the KHF league cannot be used as a parameter to vet teams or clubs that will participate in the Branch elections as it is a National league and not a Branch league.

While speaking to Watuha says that KHF National officials have a hand in the matter so as to gain mileage in the coming national elections, “they want to ensure that they have the people they want at the branch level so as to have an advantage in the coming national elections. Let the elections be free and fair to all and whatever the outcome will be we are ready to accept.”

The letter has given the Chairman of the Nairobi branch till the end of business Monday to clarify on the matter.

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