KHF candidate questions national election process

KHF candidate questions national election process

KHF candidate questions national election process

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The Kenya Handball Federation Western Branch Chairman Shisoka Akaka will be vying for the Chairman’s seat in the upcoming KHF National elections that are scheduled to take place on February 23rd. Akaka will be going against the incumbent Chairman Francis K. Paul who will be seeking to defend his position.

According to Akaka, he says he has a lot to offer for the handball in the country like spreading handball at the grass roots level and promoting the development of the sport, “ we need handball to be played all over the country and not only in Nairobi. The league has to be streamlined and not have situations where secondary and primary schools participating in the league but encourage the establishment of new clubs.”

He further explains that he is of the notion that there are finances/equipment that are sent to the country by the International Handball Federation and not accounted for or if that is not the case then there is somebody who is not asking for them,

 “I believe that the IHF sends some money or equipment for the development of the sport but it seems they are not put to their intended use. That is what happens in other sporting federations why not handball? If they don’t do so why has the current office not asked for them? We have no accountability in the current office and that is what I will work for.” He adds.

Akaka was an official of the federation between the years of 2004 and 2007 but resigned due to what he describes as principles,  “I did not like the way the federation was being run and I did not want to tarnish my image. My principles did not match with the way things were being done at that moment.”

On the upcoming elections Akaka was already adamant that there were strategies taking place to ensure that his opponent wins, “the elections are usually held at the board room at the Nyayo Stadium this time round they have been taken to the office of the current Chairman at the NOCK offices since he is also the NOC K Secretary. How can elections be held in the office of one of the contestants? It is as if the general elections were held at the State House with the current President who is also seeking to retain his seat still present.”

 There are already rifts emerging over the legitimacy of the Nairobi branch elections with a section of stakeholders claiming the process was conducted illegally as they had acquired a court order stopping the elections unless they are incorporated.

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