Sparta Gym

Sparta Gym is known to offer comprehensive support for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.She prides herself on intuitive workout equipment as well as dedicated personal trainers. Every aspect of her health and fitness studio inspires and enhances performance.

Services Offered

Strength and Fitness

Sparta is dedicated to offering comprehensive approaches to fitness and strength that matches up to the community standards regardless of the reason for working out.

Gym Supplements

She provides dietary supplements used to improve athletic performance while at the same time enhancing the body weight and promoting weight loss. these supplements come in different forms including powders, shakes, bars et.cetera.


Sparta gym has out of this world gym classes that are conducting by fitness pros and boxing champions.

Training Equipment

Sparta and the staff team have a good knowledge of excellent gym equipment and where to find them. she will point you in the right direction for strength, fitness and training gear, pilates, cardio equipment and workout apparel.

The gym facilities at Sparta utilize the latest training technology giving clients the privilege of enjoying safe ultramodern workout equipment with effective regimen year round.


Location and Contacts

Sparta Gym, Somali (Omari Londo) St / Lumumba St
6th Floor behind New Ushirika Towers
Dar es Salaam

Opening Hours

Weekday Opening : 6:00 AM

Weekday Closing : 9:00 PM

Sat Opening : 6:00 AM

Sat Closing : 9:00 PM

Sun Opening : 12:00 AM

Sun Closing : 12:00 AM


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