Top Gyms and SPAs in Kenya

Top Gyms

  • Inshape Ladies Fitness / Mombasa

    Exercise, Till Your Body Behaves!

    Inshape Ladies Fitness Center is a ladies only fitnes

  • Fitness 4 Life Gym / Mombasa

    If you are looking to get your fitness level to new heights, look no more! Mombasa has interestin

  • Bootcamp-Inshape / Mombasa

    It’s all in the mind!

    The number one mission for Inshape Bootcamp is to enrich pe

  • Flora Health and Fitness Center - Kakamega / Mombasa

    Kakamega and its environs are known to produce some of the best athletes in the Country especiall

  • Lake Naivasha Panorama Park and Lodge / Mombasa

    Panorama Hotel in Naivasha is a modern Hotel perched on a natural cliff of a beautifully landscap

  • Enashipai Resort and Spa -Naivasha / Mombasa

    This is a culturally rich, nature endowed and historically decadent hotel in Naivasha. It is a pl

  • Arena Physical and Fitness Training School / Nairobi

    Training in a fitness facility is one thing. A bold step towards achieving health and fitness. Le

  • Zeal Fitness and Rehabilitation Center / Nairobi

    The very basic fabric and functional basis of The Zeal Fitness and Rehabilitation Center is healt

  • Zarnash Gym: Health and Fitness Center / Nairobi

    For Businesses and individuals who desire to improve their health and maintain a healthy lifestyl

  • Trojan Health and Fitness / Nairobi

    Driven by Professionalism, Trojan Health and Fitness Center in Karen is among the very few body w

  • Samto Fitness Center / Nairobi

    Endowed with Space in a prime location and in its compound, Samto offers unrivaled fitness facili

  • Rongai Fitness Center / Nairobi

    Also known as The Power House, Rongai Fitness Center trains both upcoming and professional athlet

  • Revitalize Wellness Center / Nairobi

    The Revitalize Wellness Center offers a contemporary State-of-the-art facility that is known to v

  • Premier Fitness Center / Nairobi

    Premier Fitness Center is a world class fitness facility and Gym in Nairobi offering functional f

  • Homeboyz Fitness Center / Nairobi

    Anyone seeking a personal trainer or a fitness center in Nairobi has a very viable option at Home

  • Henry’s Fitness and Health / Nairobi

    Henry’s Fitness and Wellness is located at Buruburu Shopping Center, on the Second Floor of

  • Gym Yetu / Nairobi

    The best underground gym in Nairobi is an all ladies’ gym. Known by the name Gym Yetu, the

  • Great Body Gym / Mombasa

    A premier wellness center located in the middle of the Nairobi Central Business District. The ser

  • Eccentric Approach Fitness / Nairobi

    Eccentric Approach Fitness is a three thousand square feet (3000sqft) fitness facility that has a

  • Colosseum Fitness Center / Nairobi

    High quality, transformative training and customer satisfaction are the tenets that understate th