Top Gyms and SPAs in Kenya

Top Gyms

  • Factory Gym / Mombasa

    Factory Gym is one of the best gyms you would find around the Karama Region, on Karama Road in Mo

  • Evolve Gymnasium Kenya / Kakamega

    Despite being a sports hub in the country and having given some of the best players in national r

  • Elite Fitness Centre / Nairobi

    Elite Fitness Center is a fitness-oriented business that offers a range of fitness programs and r

  • Deliberate Fitness / Nairobi

    Deliberate Fitness is a result oriented fitness and wellness program originally located at the Si

  • Danza Fitness Empire / Nairobi

    Danza Fitness is a program registered under The Fit Concept, a wellness Company that specializes

  • Dandora Phase Four (4) Gym / Nairobi

    The Dandora Phase Four Gym is a local community gym that serves the locals in Dandora Phase four.

  • Dandora Phase Two (2) Gym / Nairobi

    Dandora Phase Two (2) Gym

    Dandora Phase Two Gym is one of the best gyms in the

  • Crunch Fitness Gym and Gym Wear / Trans-Nzoia

    Crunch Fitness Gym is regarded as the best gym in Kitale based on the services the fitness centre

  • Crowne Plaza Hotel and Fitness Center / Nairobi

    Crowne Plaza Hotel Nairobi is a stylish hotel strategically located in the Commercial area of Upp

  • Classique Gym / Nairobi

    Classique Gym is indeed a classic gym that offers a wide range of fitness services. This local gy

  • Classic Fitness and Leisure Centre / Nairobi

    Classic Fitness and Leisure Centre is state of the art fitness and leisure center located in Lowe

  • CARE Fitness Centre / Nairobi

    CARE Fitness Centre is a gym in Ngong Town located about 25km Southwest of Nairobi in Southern Ke

  • CAMA Physical Fitness Centre / Nairobi

    CAMA Physical Fitness Centre is known to be something beyond just a gym. It is described and best

  • Buruburu Fitness Centre / Nairobi

    Buruburu Fitness Center is one of the best fitness outfits in Buruburu with a center and a staff

  • Body Solutions Fitness Center and Gym / Nairobi

    Body solutions is a one stop shop center for all fitness and beauty requirements in Lower Kabete.

  • Body Solid Fitness Center / Nairobi

    Body Solid Fitness Center is located in Komarock in Eastland Nairobi, on Mwangaza Road off Spine

  • Body and Spirit Gym / Nairobi

    Located in Kahawa, Body and spirit gym is loved by many sport lovers and people who value a healt

  • Bluesprings Gym and Health Club / Nairobi

    Hotel Bluesprings is Nairobi’s Premier Hotel with an unparalleled level of sophistication.

  • Blaklite Fitness Centre / Nairobi

    One of the top and best gyms you can find in Ngumba and around the Kasarani region is the Blaklit

  • B-FIT / Nairobi

    B-FIT offers an alternative solution to the conventional fitness regimes in order solve the lifes