Top Gyms and SPAs in Kenya

Top Gyms

  • Highway Fitness Center / Nairobi

    This is one of the best gyms in Nairobi area whose goal is to deliver sport, recreational and hea

  • Heart and Soul Fitness Center / Nairobi

    Heart and Soul Fitness Centre is a well-equipped top of the range gym with every machine that is

  • Headquarter Inn Hotel and Spa / Nairobi

    Headquarter Inn Hotel Nairobi is a small hotel located on the outskirts of Nairobi Central Busine

  • Hazel Executive Spa / Nairobi

    The Higher Life Center.The Hazel Executive Spa is located on the Eastern Bypass about 21

  • Hardcore Gym / Nairobi

    Hardcore Gym is located in Kayole at the Kayole Two (2) Social Hall Community Center on Kayole Sp

  • Graka Health and Fitness Center / Nairobi

    Graka Health and Fitness Center is one of the best fitness centers located in Saika, a small esta

  • Gold Gym Eastleigh / Nairobi

    Gold Gym Eastleigh is a fitness center designed to help the locals commit to having a healthy lif

  • Frankie Justgymit / Nairobi

    Frankie Justgymit is a fitness center that is upbeat with a better lifestyle which, as she argues

  • Flexmasters Fitness Center / Nairobi

    Flexmasters Fitness Center

    Mission: Changing lifestyles from sedentary to acti

  • Fitness360 / Nairobi

    Fitness 360 is a health club located in KPA estate in South C, Nairobi Kenya. This health club is

  • Fitness Solutions / Nairobi

    Fitness Solutions is among the best gyms around the Nairobi Central Business District with top of

  • Fitness Essence Spa and Toning Studio / Nairobi

    Fitness Essence Spa and Toning Studio is a beauty, fitness and spa center located at Ridge Court

  • Fitness and Fun / Nairobi

    Fitness and Fun is an exercise and weight loss centre that incorporates full body workout and fun

  • Fitness All Round / Nairobi

    Of the very few gyms, one can find in Kariobangi South, East of Nairobi, few can actually fail to

  • Fitness Festival Kenya - Donholm / Nairobi

    Kenya’s biggest Festival Fair

    Fitness Festival Kenya is a conglomeration

  • Fit Lady Gym / Mombasa

    In this day and age, you find a fleet of ladies thronging fitness centres because of a longing to

  • Fit n Fine Fitness Center / Kiambu

    It is a tenet of a top-quality gym to offer updates on fitness trends around the world. These fit

  • Bliss Leisure Club / Kiambu

    Bliss Leisure Club is one of the best, charming and most prestigious of fitness centers and clubs

  • Fit 4 Life Gym / Nairobi

    Fit 4 Life Gym is a state of the art fitness facility that is complete with sauna, a steam room,

  • FAMA Gym Adventures / Nairobi

    FAMA gym adventures is a Martial Arts and Gym centre that is located right into the Kenyan Capita