Baylor 's mission in Kenya

Baylor 's mission in Kenya

Baylor 's mission in Kenya

Michezo afrika has for the past two years been involved in the development of youth sports programs across the country.
Under our Ubabalo program we envision to transform the lives of our future generation through holistic soccer coaching. This is achieved through a thoroughly researched curriculum under the concept of Ubabalo. Ubabalo is a South African Xhosa word which means grace for Africa and Africans. The concept was born as a legacy to be enjoyed by the continent long after the world cup is gone.

To date the Michezo team has been traversing the nation training youth soccer coaches to becoming transformational tools in society especially to their youth.
As the pioneers and implementers of the Ubabalo curriculum in Kenya, we have since set up two whole life model training centers in Nairobi one at the Nyayo stadium handball court and the other at the Kahawa sukari Search comprehensive school. These centers recruit young budding stars from all walks of life and hold the following objectives
•    To train young aspiring soccer players to realms of professionalism
•    Transforming the lives of the youth using soccer as our agent. The transformation is in all aspects of the youths’ lives including touching the hearts of their parents.
•    Offering a competitive environment for our youth to grow with great minds of sharing with each other, accepting each others as brothers and sisters and to make informed choices in life.
•    To open out opportunities by hosting frequent youth tournaments across the nation.

This vision has since been shared with different stakeholders across the country and to date the Michezo team through our director Walter Machio has trained over 500 youth soccer coaches, administrators, trainers, sports officers and teachers to becoming change agents.

This year Michezo afrika’s vision of using sports to change lives received a major boost when students from Baylor university in Texas USA decided to come and partner with us in advancing our dream. The team of 30 sportsmen and women jetted into the country two days ago and has since been involved in community development programs using sports.

On Wednesday the team visited the Mukuru Kwa Njenga slums to have a feel of the humble lifestyles of Nairobi junior league players (NJL).Nairobi junior league is a program of Michezo afrika and under it we have been training 35 players 20 of whom come from the mukuru slums. Most of these talented kids lack basic sports commodities like playing kit,boots,school uniforms and sometimes they cannot afford to go to school due to lack of school fees. their living conditions are appalling and a large percentage of their parents are engaged in misdemeanors with the excuse of raising money to feed their families.
With a mission of transforming lives we believe it’s imperative to reach out first to the Player’s parents to whom the youngsters look for mentorship and role model.

This was a part of the reason for the team’s visit to the slums, to encourage the parents and urge them to become better citizens and good role models to their young ones. The twenty players from our league were assigned to a group of Baylor sportsmen who visited their humble homes to have a taste of how the future world champions struggle to make a living. The experience was humbling to the visitors but even much more encouraging to the players and their parents.

The Baylor athletes spent most of their day in the shoes of the players with a vision of reaching out to their parents. Of particular interest were our five players whose parents are illegal brew peddlers in the slums. They mostly spend most of their time raising themselves since all their mothers are single parents and care free about their upbringing. The boys are extremely talented in soccer but their home lifestyle throws them into frequent depression and stress which affects their performance both at school and in the field.

The Baylor team through their Sports chaplain Wes Yeary was very encouraging to the Mukuru players & their parents throwing new impetus into the lives of the parents who have since promised to be more involved in their children’s lives and especially academic growth and soccer development which should be able to supplement each other.

The boys have another date with the Baylor team on Sunday when they join them in the field of play to share their talent and skills. The parents who have since promised to be more supportive have also promised to follow their kids to the field to offer a fan base.

Last year 16 students from Baylor were a great blessing to the youth in Kenya bringing with them a lot of sports equipment which have been helpful to the development of the youth’s talents to date. This year they have also promised to offer the same to the under privileged players in community.

At Michezo afrika we thank the entire Baylor team  for their support and encouragement to the budding stars and we hope their visit will touch many people’s lives.