Baylor floors Strathmore

Baylor floors Strathmore

Baylor floors Strathmore

The visiting Baylor university team got off to a good performance on Wednesday afternoon with clean wins in all their opening friendly matches at the Nyayo stadium gymnasiums.

The Baylor women soccer team was the first to take the field against the combined Kenyan female stars at the handball court. Baylor showed the importance of junior sports development with their mastery of technique and confidence on the ball in comparison to our less tactical girls. their movement of the ball and defending tactics were very professional  coupled with creativity and intend to score.

The Nairobi girls were the first to find the back net of the jet lagged girls who retaliated with a superb equalizer a few minutes later through Katie.
Baylor’s second goal was a result of well interwoven passes when Anastasia powerfully connected a neat cross from the left flank.

Despite being less tactical, the Kenyan girls exposed awesome individual talents with some beautiful moves in the midfield. Carol Ajowi was particularly very impressive in the midfield and showed why she has been rated as one of the best Kenyan female strikers in the country.

Baylor players were stronger in all aspects of the game, technically and physically giving them a strong edge over their Kenyan counterparts.
The match ended 3-2 in favor of Baylor.

On the other side, the multi talented Baylor players took on a well polished Strathmore team at the Nyayo stadium Basketball court.
Strathmore put up a very spirited fight against America’s third best team in the Colleges championships.Potraying extreme fitness and great ball handling skills, the Baylor team had an easy start against Strath going to the half mark break 10 points up. Strathmore however were resilient and came back into the game pulling a few wonderful three pointers to draw level.
However they could not put up with MJ’s pace in the offensive and Maria’s blocks in the defense finally breaking loose with the match ending 36-27 in favor of the visitors.

“My girls were very tensed up at first but once they realized they can match the visitors they came back into the game. They have put up a spirited fight and the margin loss against one of the best teams in America is something I am proud of my girls for” Said the Strathmore Coach. It should be noted with great commendation that Strathmore university is one of the leading institutions in the country who are striving to promote talent through  sports.

A great lesson learnt from the two matches offers our universities and learning institutions a chance to review our commitment to sports. It was very encouraging to observe that all the players in the Baylor team can comfortably play atleast three sports.
Watching the fitness level of the American football players on the basketball court drew admiration of many. The young students who played basketball like real professionals were very impressive with awesome flexibility and pace and ball handling. Besides the passion they derive from playing the game is just fantastic. They love their sport.

This explains the seriousness the institutions in their country put in sports as a means of developing young guys. As they enter their second day in Kenya we only hope those who have been able to interact with the visitors have and will keep exchanging ideas with a view of developing each others understanding of different life issues.