July 18, 2024
The Alligator Gym

The Alligator Gym

  • Name : The Alligator Gym
  • Locale: Ngong
  • Website :
  • Contact: +254 (0) 701 94 8636

The Alligator Gym overview

The Alligator gym is one the fitness centers located in Vet-Ngong that people get into and come out transformed to their satisfaction. It is an excellent venue for everyone who has a passion and desire for fitness and health whether you have fitness goals or not, a beginner, a professional, elite athlete, young or old, male or female, people from all walks of life find a niche in the Alligator Gym. It is an excellent venue for body builders, strength trainers, fitness freaks. It has an elaborate studio for aerobics and cardiovascular exercises. It is basically a one stop shop for all your fitness needs.

The gym is an expansive space that has both the aerobic studio and the gym area, fully equipped with standard gym equipment enough to give the body the needed sculpt and tone the muscles while keeping fit. The instructors in Alligator are friendly and readily available to give their skilled advice and hands wherever and whenever it is needed.

The Alligator Gym Opening Hours

  • Mon-Fri Opening Time : 06:00:00 AM
  • Mon-Fri Closing Time 09:00:00 PM
  • Sat Opening Time: 07:00:00 AM
  • Sat Closing Time : 08:00:00 PM
  • Sun Opening Time : 09:00:00 AM
  • Sun Closing Time : 7:00 PM

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