June 13, 2024
Mpala Research Center And Wildlife Foundation

Mpala Research Center And Wildlife Foundation

  • Name : Mpala Research Center And Wildlife Foundation
  • Locale:
  • Website : www.mpala.org/facilties
  • Contact: Mpala Research Center and Mpala Wildlife Foundation 2009 555 Nanyuki 10400 KENYA +254 – 62 – 32758

Mpala Research Center And Wildlife Foundation overview

In the heart of Central Kenya’s Laikipia County lies Mpala, a research center for everything related to wildlife, right from parasites to elephants. It is a home to the endangered Grey Zebras and over 7000 elephants on over 48,000-acre stretch of semi-arid bushland savanna in Nanyuki, Laikipia County.

The Levinson Gym

Inside the Mpala Research Center and Wildlife Foundation is a fitness center that was generously contributed by Dr. Frank Levinson, hence its Name. The Levinson gym is well kitted. It has adequate ultra-modern equipment for any kind of fitness training to tone up your body and keep your health in an amazing shape.

Because of his passion in Green Construction, the more than function gym is a green design. The half-walled structure has a huge underground water cistern, a catchment for rain water. It is also fitted with solar power and hot water as well as low flush toilets and low use shower heads with timers. This is no ordinary gym; its functionality and environment are amazing.

Other facilities available include rooms for accommodation, a library, administration offices, laundry, garage, kitchen and a GIS facility to mention but a few

Mpala Research Center And Wildlife Foundation Opening Hours

  • Mon-Fri Opening Time : 08:00:00 AM
  • Mon-Fri Closing Time 08:00:00 PM
  • Sat Opening Time: 08:00:00 AM
  • Sat Closing Time : 08:00:00 PM
  • Sun Opening Time : 12:00:00 AM
  • Sun Closing Time : 12:00 AM

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